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Small Cemeteries of Shasta County California
These cemeteries are mostly on private property exact locations are unknown.
These small cemeteries include: Allen Family, Bates, Beck, Big Bend, Boyce, Brown, Buckeye Pioneer, Burney Falls, Canyon, Carbon, Cassel Indian, Cayton, Churntown, Cline, Conant, Cove, Dana, Fairleigh Plot, Fall River Mills Old Masonic, Fall River Unnamed, Fann Indian, Fern, Fuller, Glenburn, Hat Creek, Hunt, Ingle Indian, Lakehead/Keluche, Mountian Home, Oak Run, Old I.O.O.F. near Fall River, Old Ono, Original Plataeu, Pitt #1/Pittville, Plataeu, Portugese Flat, Redding Abandoned, Roney, Scattered Graves, Shasta County, Sims, Stillwater (Indian), Taylor, Texas Springs,Timmons, Witmore Josephine.
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